17 questions. Four colors.
And a day to change everything.

The True Colors Workshops are designed to get individuals to understand not only each person’s communication style but also how they are perceived in public to others. This kind of Experiential Learning gets to the core of your own personality and is paramount to team success.

Knowing how to communicate with someone is the key to interpersonal communication. How one person on your team communicates with another can be the key to success or failure of being heard or bringing an idea to light.

We use a simple game to get started, then guide each individual through this process of self-discovery using humor, group play, and a bit of irreverence to reveal each person’s True Colors to the group.

The result? People gain insight on personality traits of the people they work with, better ways to communicate and collaborate with other members of their team, and also glean valuable insight about their own personalities too.

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3.5 hours

The True Colors Basic Workshop sets the foundation for truly gaining insight into yourself and your peers. We’ll provide an opportunity for people to explore what makes each of us tick and help people take a look at themselves while examining behavioral dynamics and gaining a fresh outlook on how people prefer to go about being.

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8 hours

The True Colors Intermediate Workshop is the next step, taking a deeper look at the team, its members, and the challenges they face from within. Explore deeper concepts of daily interaction and examine how we go about working together more productively.

Practice and commitment, we can’t say that enough.

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16 hours

This True Colors Advanced Workshop extends the basic and intermediate workshops. It is here that teams work to enhance their communication dynamics through practice and to discover how to communicate effectively while adapting to real-world changes, both external and internal.

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