Highly engaged teams can be the difference between a thriving organization and one that’s stuck in ineffective methods and mindsets. An important key to employee engagement and high morale is a positive workplace environment where deep trust and mutual respect are part of the culture’s DNA.

Whether through retreats, seminars, staff meetings or outside events, we help groups develop skills, those behaviors we bring with us from childhood that can make or break our team’s effectiveness and our personal success in life. These skills include the ability to:

  • receive feedback (without freaking out)
  • listen so others feel heard
  • respond positively and effectively to changes
  • collaborate
  • develop “elasticity” (the ability to let go, forgive and move forward)
  • engage with and resolve conflict, both one-on-one and collectively as a team
  • problem solve, disagree with grace, give helpful feedback, and more

This emphasis on Team Adaptive Skills – along with a focus on team values, ethics and agreed upon expectations – makes our workshops and events practical, life-changing and, yes, even fun.

Some of our more popular team-building meetings and workshops include:


We help teams create and claim ownership of Common Commitments – the practice of living through guidelines that increase trust, respect, and clarity around expectations, and that support the practices of accountability, teamwork, respect, attention to results, and more.


This fun, interactive workshop explores the four spectrums of human behavior and uncovers how Behavior Styles Theory can increase trust, respect and morale in the workplace. This session helps participants identify and appreciate their own style, make small adjustments to work with others better, improve decision-making, meetings and collaborations, and learn to live with those “porcupine people” we all know and try to love.


Learn specific, practical behaviors in giving effective feedback while maintaining positive relationships, as well as receiving feedback without “punishing” others with defensiveness. These basics will help your team get better results, work quality and customer service…not to mention boost trust and respect, leading to higher morale.


Done well, meetings build morale and teamwork. Done poorly, they waste time and damage trust and respect. This workshop offers training on all aspects of effective meetings, including creating agendas, constructive facilitation skills, engaging employees in decision-making, brainstorming, positive group behaviors and how to make sure meetings actually produce results.  

You know, like they’re supposed to.


Badmouthing, gossiping and recreational negativity (didn’t know that was a thing? It is.) can create dissension and disruption in the workplace and is a major factor in creating environments of low morale. We address this particular flavor of toxicity with humor, straightforwardness and practical methods for creating a healthier and more positive workplace.


Workplace relationships can be challenging as individuals bring their unique experiences and perspectives into the mix of “getting the job done.” Understanding our own internal experiences as we cope with complicated situations helps us create relationships that are rewarding and focused on meaningful work outcomes. Emotional intelligence is our ability to explore, embrace and rely on our emotions in a way that honors ourselves, others, and the work being done. In our work, we utilize an emotional intelligence assessment tool that helps people identify how they shape their work relationships, learn within those relationships, and come to more fully enjoy those relationships as they do the work at hand. 

We’re happy to customize team-building workshops to fit your time frame, desired outcome and budget. Examples of how we’ve worked with other clients include:

  • ongoing, multi-session workshops structured for the virtual meeting environment.

  • Stand-alone workshops for a department, work team or management/leadership group

  • 1-3 day retreats that integrate workshop content with other aspects of team building such as lateral thinking, challenge activity, reflection, and  sessions, trust-building activities, etc.

  • Off-site events and activities